Company Profile

Company Profile

Blue Star, was founded by Sianawati Tejomuldjono in December 2000. It is built on the land of 1500 meter2 and filled with an office building, employees dorm, husbandry sites, yet an excusive packing room. The company itself is supported by experienced staffs and semi-modern instruments, with over than 300 aquarium tanks and separate cement tanks of 40000 litres of salt water, which makes it fulfils the requirement of international quality standard.

In the beginning, the company only could supply the retailers of local markets around Jakarta and Bali. However, since March 2002, Blue Star also do an export to European countries such as Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Sweden, as well as to Canada and United States. Since then, the company continuously attend the Interzoo Exhibitions which is always held in Nurnberg, Germany, also to be present at other exhibitions held in Moscow, Singapore and in Chicago.

As its mission to be a reliable world class ornamental fresh and marine life company which consistently providing healthy and qualified fresh water and marine ornamentals, Blue Star establishing and maintaining a win-win business relationship with its stakeholders members.

With the definitions:

1. A reliable world class company, the company always endows with international qualified standardization products.
2. Fresh water and marine ornamentals, the companys products are including marine and fresh water ornamentals.
3. Healthy and qualified products, all the ornamentals we provide are in a healthy condition yet in a good quality.
4. A win-win business relationship, the principal of the business is always a mutualism liaison, both in short and long term.
5. Stakeholder members, this win-win business relationship is always counting not only the stockholders, but also the suppliers, customers, employees and other third parties.

Company Profile Company Profile

Since it is established, Blue Star always tries to complete all the demands from reliable source, well trained fishermen and to be an environmental friendly company. Therefore, Blue Star often posts its employees at several catching areas to train the fishermen on good handling and packing, such as Seribu Archipelagos, Ambon, as well as Bali. Sometimes, the company also invites the fishermen to have the training at the facility places.

In May 2005, Blue Star finally achieved an international certificate from Marine Aquarium Council. By obtaining MAC Certification which guarantee the industry with internationally approved environmental and quality international standards, the company not only ensures the future of coral reef ecosystems, but also the sustainable of its businesses. Therefore, in 2006 Blue Star continued to certify the Bali branch office and facility with MAC certification.

Since its membership in the association in 2004, together with other ornamental fish companies, Blue Star carries out coral mariculture at Seribu Archipelagos and became one of the recommended companies by the Kepulauan Seribu Marine National Park on its good works on improving the economic ability of local fisherman as well as coral rehabilitation and conservation in the area.

With the strong will and spirits in order to improve the industry, Blue Star always keep up with the latest the information on the ornamental fish industry which involves the business, technology and mariculture research.